I am not a professional nor an expert in Euphorbiaceae or Monadenium taxonomy. Any help with ID and spelling are always welcome. To up-date my list I've been using many books, journals, catalogs and other web-sites. It's been helpful, but I have more work to do. do ship in the winter. I have 72+ hour heat packs for $3.00 each. I only ship to the main 48 States. No international shipping. Please read the front page for ordering information.


     Monadenium ellenbeckii ssp. caulopodium - I like to grow these in hanging baskets in really good light. New stem will come up from under the soil at the base of the main stem. Growing in 3 1/2 inch pots. - @ $10.00 each Sold Out

   Monadenium lugardae - Is a up-right grower. Growing in 3 1/2 inch. - @ $15.00 each

   Monadenium kimberlayana - Is a up-right grower. Has barky stems. Growing in 4 1/2 inch pots. - @ $15.00 each Sold Out

      Monadenium magnificum - Monadenium magnificum is a sparsely branched shrub up to 1,5-2(-3,5) m tall with cactus-like features that generally don't come into growth until the summer. Monadenium magnificum grows on red soils in dry deciduous woodland with Acacia and in Commiphora bushland in lightly shaded conditions at the foot of the hills. The few known populations are very limited with no more than 40-50 individuals at each locality. The stems has a succulent caudiciform tuber less than 10 cm wide, with 1 to several grey-green branches 4 to 5 angled, spreading or weakly erect, pale-green to 4 cm thick at the base and 1-2 cm thick above. The leaves are ephemeral, large, oval, dark-glossy green, nicely marked with paler veining, older leaves often tinged with reddish-purple and the main rib on the underside of the leaves is heavily spined. The leaves shed when the plant produces its small flowers. Spines green-brownish to reddish-purple irregular or regular many-forked star-shaped more or less randomly scattered over the surface of the stem along the angle of the stem. Flowers are remarkably spectacular, born at apex of stem, small, dark-pink, enveloped in scarlet bracts and borne on long, rich red, quadrangular stalk that bears fewer cartilaginous prickles. Blooming very late in the year November to April. Tanzania, Mpwapwa, Galoe Valley.  These are cuttings. Growing in 4 1/2 inch pots. - Sold Out

   Monadenium rennyi - Up right grower. Leaves and stems will have a reddish green color. Growing in 3 1/2 inch pots. - @ $13.00 each

    Monadenium schubei 'Tanzania Red' (This one came to me decades ago from Aridland's Nursery as Monadenium sp. 'Tanzania Red'. Thick stems that will branch with age. When grown in good light it holds it's purplish red color and will have leaves in the growing season. Up-right grower. These a growing in 3 1/2 inch pots. - @ $35.00 each

    Monadeniun stoloniferum - Fat tubers with red stems and leaves. Will need to have good light to keep it's purplish red color. These are growing in 3 inch pots. - @ $10.00 each